Cris Carter reveals what was so impressive about Shaquem Griffin’s NFL Combine performance

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals what was so impressive about Shaquem Griffin's NFL Combine performance.

CRIS CARTER: Very impressed. This has been a great story. If you watched the UCF story last year in college football with them going undefeated. Coach Frost leaving after the Bowl game, going to Nebraska where he's from.

But him and his brother, the last couple of years his brother plays cornerback for Seattle. It's an amazing story. When you look at some of the greatest athletes in the world. And for this kid, his whole life-- it wasn't like it just happened.

His whole life people have doubted him. And we always say well, speed kills. Or speed will get you paid in the NFL. Well if that is the case, having a good resume, it shouldn't hurt him as far as the NFL draft.

It's amazing, now you could see why he was such a good football player. It makes sense. His tape and what he did at UCF as a linebacker, it makes sense when you see the vertical leap. When you see him playing even in space, catching a football with one hand.

It's an amazing story. And it just adds to the storylines of the NFL going forward as far as opportunities and what football can do for your life. So I'm sure that he probably tried to play a lot of other sports. And football being one of the most complicated to be able to play without a hand. So I'm a big fan of him and his family.