Nick Wright reveals why the NBA got it wrong by not punishing Zaza for his dirty play on Westbrook

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In his conversation with Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals why the NBA got it wrong by not punishing Zaza Pachulia for his dirty and dangerous play on Russell Westbrook in the OKC Thunder - Golden State game over the weekend. Do you agree with Nick?

- I'm shocked by this. I think you're shocked by this. While I maybe wanted a harsher punishment than you did, we were unanimous. You, me, Sarah Kustok, who was here yesterday, Jenna, that that is not the way a regular human being falls. And that while falling, aiming your, I guess it was his left hand for Russell's crotch, and then letting the entire brunt of his weight fall on Russell's lower legs, was obviously intentional. And that's even before we get into the long, grotesque track record of Zaza Pachulia.

The NBA typically gets these things right. They got this wrong. And I will go a step further on this, which is last night, when the Warriors were playing the New York Knicks. A Knicks team that since they lost Kristaps Porzingis has been, basically, one of the tanking teams. They just have too many wins to actually get in the tanking conversation.

The Warriors could have punished him on their own. The Warriors could have said, Zaza, you're not playing tonight, and they opted against it. I-- I am shocked that the NBA-- Kyrie Irving said it's got to stop. Ross said it's got to stop.

- Damian Lillard.

- Damian Lillard. Like, the stars of your league look at this guy as a menace. And the NBA typically is great on things like this. I knew that the NBA wasn't going to kick him out of the league. I didn't ask them to kick him out of the league. I was hoping--

- You wanted the Warriors to kick him out of the league.

- I wanted the Warriors to have a conversation about do we actually need this guy on our team? But I knew, likely, that wouldn't happen. But I am very surprised that the NBA didn't fine him or suspend him for taking a dirty cheap shot at the reigning MVP.