Cris Carter message to Snacks Harrison: ‘The most talented WR we’ve ever seen is Randy Moss’

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In his reaction to New York Giants’ Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison saying Odell Beckham Jr. is the ‘greatest talent we have seen at WR in the NFL’, Cris Carter gives a history lesson on the most talented WRs in the NFL ans explains how Randy Moss and Jerry Rice are on top of the most talented list.

- A friend of the show, snap. I mean, poor Snacks. And also, you have to understand the relationship that Harrison has with Odell. He's a big brother to him. They are very, very good friends. Odell is very, very talented, and definitely one of the most talented wide receivers.

But we're such a prisoner of right now, I have to give you kind of a history lesson of some of the wide receivers. And I probably have to go, I'd have to mention 25 of those in the Hall of Fame, because those are the best receivers that have ever played the game. And amongst them were some tremendous athletes.

I could go back and talk about Lance Alworth, how fast he was. I could tell about Raymond Barry, his ability to catch the ball and to run. But some-- but I'll just stay with some people that the fans-- with more contemporary.

- Yes.

- James Lofton. At 6' 4", and running the 4-3. Was one of the most talented receivers. Ran great routes, great after the catch. So that was in the late '80s to the '90s. Who else did we have after that? I'll leave Jerry Rice off to the side. Michael Irvin. Tremendous athlete, because we're not just talking out best receiver. Michael Irvin, tremendous athlete. We graduated from the same year in high school. He was at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale. I was at Middletown High School. Middletown High, we were USA Today High School All Americans.

Keith Jackson was the tight end on that team. So we've seen a lot of great wide receivers, even before that. I'll go to the ballerina with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Lynn Swann. Definitely one of the most talented wide receivers we've ever seen, and probably him and Randy Moss play the game off the ground as good as we've ever seen it. Well, people are like, what is that? Well, yards after the catch, that's when you catch it and you run after it.

Off the ground is when you are in air. How good are you in the air? And, to me, Lynn Swan was the person who I modeled my game after. Randy Moss was excellent at that, so that would bring us to where we are right now. Odell Beckham, is he the most talented?

Randy Moss is the most talented. I've gone on record saying that. The most talented wide receiver I've ever seen. Now I've been very, very fortunate. I played in the era with the goat, and this is no disrespect to Jerry Rice, because there is a talent to get up every day and working at your craft. Jerry Rice is the best route runner that we've ever seen. The consummate pro. He can run any route on the route tree. He can run short, he can run intermediate, he can go deep.

Jerry Rice can also play any position on the field. He can play to the strong side, he can play to the weak side, he could play in the slot. He had a great football mind. So Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver ever, and he was one of the most talented. People talk about, well his overall breakaway speed. Well watch him when the tape is on. Watch him when people are chasing him. He is as fast as anyone else that we've ever seen playing the game.

But, the most talented wide receiver that we have seen is Randy Moss. Now there are some guys who had a lot of talent. They don't get the notice. That is, a guy like Andre Rice, tremendous football player. Explosion, route running, releases off the line of scrimmage. Sterling Sharpe, Shannon's brother. Man, he was a bad dude. If he didn't hurt his neck, he'd be in the Hall of Fame. Still potentially could make the Hall of Fame. Very, very talented. Great runner after the kick. Huge hands, strong hands.

Now these are the most talented wide receivers that I've encountered, and I'm not even going to go to guys who are a little bit less in age, in Calvin Johnson, number one, and Larry Fitzgerald who I spent a lot of time with since he's 14 years old, working with him, who's also very, very talented.