Isiah Thomas details why LeBron James heading to the Warriors would be a good move for ‘King James’

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Isiah Thomas joins the show to talk LeBron James and his future in the NBA. Find out why he thinks 'The King' going to Golden State would make sense.

- Now I would say, if I'm LeBron James, if I don't stay in Cleveland-- which I do think now with the moves that they've made that he probably stays in Cleveland-- but I'm going-- I'm going to say, if I'm him, I go to Golden State. I'd go and play with Kevin Durant. I'd try to get with Steph Curry because I'm looking at my age. And I'm just-- I'm just talking as an athlete now, right?

- Right.

- When you are a young man, you know, in your 20s, you can build. But when you in your late mid-30s or mid-late 30s, then you got to join. You can't-- you can't be a carrier for the next, you know, 10 years now.

So what he's got to do is look at a place where he can go fit and join.

CRIS CARTER: In the next four or five years.

- And Kevin Durant is somebody that you can ride with. You can ride in his car. But if you're talking about, saying, I'm going to go to the Lakers and star with, you know,

CRIS CARTER: Ingram, Ball--

- Ingram, Lonzo Ball-- probably bring Paul George over too.

- Kusta-- I mean Kuzma. Yeah.

- Now we in the media probably want that story because it's like you want to build him up and then tear him down, right? And on the tear down, it's like, oh, we going to kill LeBron. We've been waiting to kill LeBron. LeBron James has the unique opportunity to write his own story on the way out. And he can go out on top.