Cris Carter reveals a vital difference between Case Keenum and Nick Foles ahead of Vikings – Eagles

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In his preview of the NFC Championship Game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles, Cris Carter discusses Case Keenum's preparation and style of play, revealing to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he believes Keenum's 'gunslinger' skillset sets him up for a better chance of success than that of Nick Foles.

- But the concern to me comes when you say, hey, here's X, which is what you've been doing for the last 13 games and to get you here. We'd like you to go in and maybe take a little bit off X, just give us Y, and that should be enough. My concern is when you tell a guy who's been doing it one way, maybe back off a little or do it just a little bit differently. Don't you want him in the same exact head space that he's been in throughout the season?

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, I think that's what the Vikings coaching staff and Pat Shurmur will do then. Not only is Case going there trying to win the NFC Pat Shurmur is trying to go back there and send the message too. Because he has history in Philadelphia. I think he has the Giants job. So I believe that his ability to develop quarterbacks is very important.

He's going to get Case to play an aggressive style. They have a very good defense and he has enough tape to be able to trust Case-- that's the big difference. If you ask me who's the better quarterback in this game, Case Keenum is a better quarterback right now than Nick Foles is. So I'm less concerned about Case because he has a style. Nick Foles is trying not to lose the Eagles game.