Nick Wright explains why not having Ryan Shazier made all the difference on Sunday for the Steelers

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Nick Wright talks Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars after Sunday's game. Find out why Ryan Shazier's absence was such a big deal for the Steelers.

- The total in this game that Vegas set was 41. That's for both teams. Each team hit the total by themselves. This was-- it was surprising the Jags won. It was shocking, the fashion in which they won. I-- I didn't see, of all the possible machinations, the Steelers scoring 40 points and losing this football game. I didn't see as one of the realistic possibilities. And I-- listen. The Jags are going to talk after this game, and they've earned it. And Jalen Ramsey is one of my favorite young players in the league and I love his quotes. But the Jags defense has almost nothing to hang its hat on in this game. They won this football game based on their offense.

Ben Roeth-- going into this football game, there had been 10 quarterbacks in NFL history to throw five touchdowns in a playoff game. Those quarter--it dates back to Sid Luckman, your guy Sid Luckman. They were 10 and 0. They're now 10 and 1 because of Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben became the first quarterback in playoff history to have a 400 yard, five touchdown game. In a win or a loss. And they lost that football game.

I'm going to say the name that I think was the difference in this football game. Ryan Shazier. I tried to disregard it. I tried to look past it, how different the Steelers defense looked pre and post his injury. This guy was the defensive player of the year. They then lost him. And in this football game, what I saw was Blake Bortles throwing check downs to running backs and tight ends, an area that Ryan Shazier typically patrols. And the Steelers had no answer for it. Leonard Fournette gashing for it-- gashing them, TJ Yeldon gashing them.

So I don't know how you can put this on the Steelers offense. The Jags defense-- the Jags offense just beat the breaks off the Steelers defense, which was shocking to me.