Cris Carter explains why he’s incensed over how the NY Giants’ brass have treated Eli Manning

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In his conversation with Chris Canty, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals how the New York Giants stopped showing 'class' and completely mistreated Eli Manning's benching.

CRIS CARTER: In a normal job Nick, that's what you do. But this is not a normal job. I know Eli Manning is played with a broken nose. I know he played with a severe case of plantar fasciitis, which is like, this is no exaggeration, plantar fasciitis is like you have a switchblade up under your heel and every time you put pressure on it, you are almost cutting into your heel. It's one of the most painful injuries that you can have.

So on normal jobs, where you're transitioning from one person to another, all these things aren't required. But in the National Football League, and the New York Giants, just let me give you a few names. Tiki Barber, how did they send him off as a Giant? You think he had a better career than Eli Manning?


CRIS CARTER: Don't answer. Michael Strahan, how'd they send him off? Michael Strahan wasn't the player he was in his last year. He probably should have retired. He ended up going off a champion with Eli Manning leading them to victory. How the Giants handle him? He was a spot player at the end. Am I right Chris?

CHRIS: No, you're right. It was O.C. And Justin Tuck that leading that defensive line, so.

CRIS CARTER: The wide receiver,

NICK: Not--

CRIS CARTER: Amani Toomer.

NICK: Amani Toomer.

CRIS CARTER: How they send him off? Does he not work for the team?

CHRIS: Yeah.

CRIS CARTER: Carl Banks, how did they send him off? Lawrence Taylor, how did they send him off? Like the Giants have had a track record, Nick, that I took into consideration. When I got upset yesterday, it's because what the Giants have done. Not what I expect. It's what the New York Giants have done from a history.

The reason why I gave them benefit of the doubt, with their coach, was because why? Because their history. They've been so class, they've been so prompt as far as doing it. They've been part of the backbone of the National Football League.

But now Eli Manning, they're going to decide that I'm going to lead my class on the side. I'm going to allow the coach and the general manager to make a decision, that now that the owner, he don't like the look of it. Now Eli Manning, he showed class through it all and shows he rose above it yesterday by saying, you know something? No, let him play. If you want me to be on the bench because that's who Eli is.

So me, this not only about Eli Manning and the two trophies that he helped put in that trophy case, but it's how you have sent off the other Giant players. It's how you have let them end their career. Eli deserves the same that you've done for all those other players.