Nick Wright explains why he thinks the Steelers should feel great after their Week 12 win

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Nick Wright talks Steelers with Cris Carter. Hear why he thinks Pittsburgh should absolutely feel great after their win over the Green Bay Packers.

- I think the Steelers should feel great, because the thing we were worried about with the Steelers throughout this year, they were excellent at yesterday. And that was finding a way to make sure Antonio, Le'Veon, and Big Ben can have three big games together. That's been their inconsistency.

CRIS CARTER: Well, JuJu Schuster-- what are they going to do with him when he comes back?

- Well, I think that will be, as Marlo Stanfield would say, one of them good problems. I don't think JuJu Smith-Schuster--


CRIS CARTER: It hadn't been a good problem before.

- Well, it's been bad for Martavis Bryant. But adding a quality player to the team does not hurt your ability. It's bad for Eli Rogers. It might be bad for Martavis Bryant. I don't think it's bad for the Steelers. But the Steelers-- their consistent thing this year has been the defense. Going into last night's game, they were the only team in the league that they hadn't allowed 20 points-- their defense, that is-- in regulation all year long. Brett Hundley played the best game he's ever played as a pro, maybe his best game since high school.

And I give him all the credit. We knocked Brett Hundley-- primarily me-- last week, because he had a four turnover disastrous performance the week before when his team didn't score any points. He responded brilliantly. But I'm not worried about the Steelers' defense. The question was, to me, about the Steelers' offense, Big Ben late in the year, Le'Veon and Antonio not just alternating good games, but having them simultaneously. And what we saw yesterday-- the second most yards Le'Veon and Antonio Brown have ever combined for in a game.

The Steelers late in the game-- I mean, that drive they had at the end. Antonio and Julio, and maybe Odell-- but Odell's hurt and he drops the ball a little too often-- are the only two receivers who I'm confident can make those plays. Though they had no time, they had to get the ball exactly where they got it. And Antonio-- the defense knew where they had to keep him from getting, and they couldn't keep him from getting there. So if I'm Pittsburgh-- yeah, you would have rathered the defense played better, but if they had won 17-14, I'd feel different about that three point win than a 31-28 win when the offense clicks.