Nick reveals the only way Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave Cleveland for Boston can be validated

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Reacting to what he called an 'extraordinary' performance in Boston's overtime victory over the Dallas Mavericks, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe the only way Kyrie Irving will ever be able to validate his decision of leaveing the Cavaliers for the Celtics.

- Kyrie was extraordinary last night. He was great. It was the best game he's played as a Celtic by far. It was consecutive great games by Kyrie Irving.

- Mm hmm.

- He was unstoppable in the first quarter. I don't know if he knew LeBron had 16 first quarter points on five of six shooting, and wanted to one up him or not, but he did. Because he had 18 first quarter points on eight of eight shooting. And then he had 25 in the first half on nine of 10 shooting. And then in the late fourth quarter and overtime, he was unstoppable. They were down 13 points-- during a 15 game winning streak. You're on the road. That's a game you lose. You roll over, typically. It wasn't our night.

- Dallas had played well.

- And he led them back. He was brilliant. He played at the level that I know he's capable of. Which is why, when he was having these 20 point 40% shooting nights, I wasn't applauding him. Because I know how good this player is. I've watched every single game Kyrie's played over the last three plus years, save a few weekend misses. I know how special this guy is, OK? So, I want to give him full credit for last night.

But, a regular season game in November, he could've scored 67. Cannot validate that decision. That decision will only be validated if when his Celtics beat LeBron's Cavs, or his Celtics are the next team to make the NBA finals once LeBron's Cavs stop.

So you can't leave the team that made three consecutive NBA finals. Talk about what it's going to do for your career and your game, and not have-- and have the pinnacle of your career be years prior. I'm not saying he has to win another title. That's very hard, especially given the competition in the west. But you-- you can't say the decision's validated if this thing ends with the Celtics losing to the Cavs in round two of the playoffs.