Nick reveals the significance of LeBron and the Cavs’ comeback victory over Porzingis and the NY Knicks

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals the significance of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers' comeback victory over Kristaps Porzingis and the New York Knicks at MSG.

- If you wanted the Cavs to exhibit effort or concern or any regard for these games against Eastern Conference bottom feeders moving forward, they're not going to. Not when they showed they can come back from 23 down and still win the game in the fourth quarter.

What I'm impressed by is, and this isn't hyperbole, as Chris would say, this isn't overstating it. What I'm impressed by is quite simply, one of the greatest individual fourth quarter performances we've ever seen. The Cavs were down to 82-68 with 9:19 left in that game. With a minute 23 left, they were up 100-97. That's a 32 to 15 run.

LeBron James scored or assisted on 30 of those 32 points. That is more points than he scored or assisted on in the famous LeBron James is officially the greatest player in the world game against the Detroit Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference playoffs. LeBron generated 13 open 3s for teammates in that run. They hit seven of them. It was total and complete control of the offensive end of the court.

- Well, it's hard to generate 3s when they set a pick and they cross the ball. Like, you can't be totally responsible for a guy getting open. Now he can throw the pass.

- OK, correct.

- But I think that's a little sensationalism.

- OK, so maybe we can parse the definition of the word, generate. LeBron passed the ball to guys who had gotten themselves open, who would run action to get open. Or two guys were open, because the defense was so focused on the greatest player in the world, whatever it is.

But LeBron's passes resulted in 13 open 3s, seven of which were made. And oh yeah, on the defensive end, he decided for a few minutes to check the seven foot three guy I'm told is a unicorn and totally shut him down as well. So listen, usually beating the Knicks is no big deal. In these circumstances--

- So now it is, though.

- Under these circumstances, Cris. When you're down by 23, when it looks like the game's over, when the Cavs appear to be sleepwalking. And then they flip the switch and LeBron totally dominates his opponent, that matters, that resonated.