Mark Schlereth: Cowboys will never win a playoff game playing the way they did in Denver

Schlereth breaks down Dallas' disappointing game in Denver

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- That effort by the Dallas Cowboys is why they can't win a playoff game. That effort by the Dallas Cowboys is is why they won't win a playoff game. If you're not sold out for the people that you play with-- great leadership comes when you care more about the people you lead than you care about yourself. And that, to me, is selfish football that will never lead to championship football.

JENNA WOLFE: Does it matter what kind of player or you are? Because CC was saying all week that Randy Moss took plays off. You've seen guys take play off. And sometimes you say something and sometimes you don't.

CRIS CARTER: No, in context for which I said it, Randy Moss also ran 50 yards down the field more than anyone in football.

JENNA WOLFE: Sure, no, no, no That's why I said does it matter--

CRIS CARTER: --so there was a-- there was an understanding that for him to do his job, yes. Now, Randy didn't verbalize it the right way, the way you like football players to do it. Have I seen other players-- interior linemen-- take plays off? I'm not trying to make an excuse for Zeke. I'm saying, this happens all the time. But it will be addressed.

Like, this is the core of a football player and the team. I will play as hard as I can and as long as I can. I'll give you guys an example. Larry Allen, one of the great guards to ever play this game, he got-- use your word-- mollywhopped by Reggie White. Reggie White abused him. He was embarrassed. He could barely sleep.

Went to the weight room the next day and began the bench press. And in his mind, he said, that will never happen to me again. His own personal pride led him from that butt whooping he took from Reggie White, led him all the way to the halls of George Halas Hall to Canton.

Now, there's players that will respond in different ways under adversity. Zeke did not respond the way we would want him to respond as a football player. And his biggest problem is he's not self-aware. And that's what's got him in problems off the field. And now, that's what's getting them criticized. And everyone's dog-piling on him now because of that play.

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