Case closed: Odell Beckham Jr. is the most important non-quarterback in the NFL

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Greg Jennings joins Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe to discuss how important Odell Beckham Jr. is to the New York Giants moving forward after their week 1 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

- Forget the numbers. Just give them some of them tangibles from the time we get off the bus.

- We bring the swag. We bring the industry.

- That's what I was trying to say. I just didn't use the word swag.

- And look, and everybody-- everybody talks--

- I didn't say swag.

- Everybody talks about all these off-the-field antics, and he's a distraction. And Odell has never been in any trouble.

- Nope.

- Have we ever talked about him being in trouble?

- The one bad thing he did was the Josh Norman game. That's it.

- Defend himself.

- Absolutely.

- Listen, you talk to me in a bad way, you're going to hit in the ear hole too.

- Absolutely. We overblow it sometimes. And yes, he is all about showmanship. That is who we are as receivers. I didn't do it a whole lot. But this man did it. Most receivers who are great, and know they are great, and have the stage and a platform that Odell has, why not?

- And what I'm saying, some offenses don't need that. The Giants--

- They absolutely--

- --needs that.

- They feed off of it.

- They feed off it. And they looked hungry last night without it.

- At this point, I don't know how anyone that watches football can have the opinion other than he is on the very short list, if not the single most important player in the league that can play quarterback. This Giants team was 11 in five last year, a Giants team that when he got there, was 28th in offense, 28th in points. And since he got there, he's got Ben McAdoo, a head coaching job.

Everyone's like, oh, McAdoo fixed Eli. McAdoo didn't fix Eli. Odell Beckham fixed Eli. No matter who their running back is, they have spent no resources on running back because they know we don't really-- we're just going to throw it to the kid with the yellow hair. We're going to run. Last year, the Giants run the same formation over 90% of the time.

- And they were playing a lot like they were last night in the game last year that you pointed outward. Nothing was going right. And what did they decide to do?

- They threw a quick slant. Odell took it 60 yards for their only touchdown to win the game. And the point you made at the beginning is such an important one. He affects the game on plays he doesn't get the ball.

- Absolutely.

- Because they don't have dynamic guys that are going to create a ton of separation. They certainly don't have dynamic guys that can beat any type of double coverage. But when Odell's in the game, no one gets double covered except him. No one has to deal with the best corner except him. And so he makes everything go.

- Nick, you taught me something about your favorite sport, the NBA. Odell's like Steph Curry. Before Steph Curry got to the NBA, people weren't in a rush to get there. You watched the beginning of an NBA game-- there's 3,000, 4,000, or 5,000 people in the stands-- until Steph Curry started putting on the show before the game. Now Odell, he puts on a show before the game, not like any receiver we've ever seen.

Now, I used to make a couple of catches. A few of the guys, we used to do a few things before just to see where our hands were. But Odell, you have to get there early. He's out there working out. He's out there catching one hand, behind the back, all these things that bring attention to the game and gives the team that he's on the juice and the confidence that we got a guy who's a difference maker. And last night, that guy wasn't there.