‘Fighting is just fun’ — Cub Swanson explains how his family gives him perspective | UFC 227

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Cub Swanson and talks with Megan Olivi in LA about what its like to fight as a new dad.

- Cub, obviously, your daughter, Royal, in your hands right now. You've got two more on the way. There's something different about fighting as a father. Is that true?

- Oh, definitely. It kind of takes the pressure off. A lot of people say it might have pressure. It might not. And for me, at the end of the day, I get to go home and hang out with my family. So fighting is just fun.

MEGAN OLIVI: This fight is in your backyard, essentially, in the LA area. In your last fight, although you didn't get your hand raised, we saw a tremendous improvement in your takedown defense. I know that there was a lot of confidence instilled in you in that. How did you continue to build on that for this matchup?

- Well, I got a new gym, new training camp. And sometimes when you do that, you're trying so many new things. And sometimes you take a step back, and you're trying to move forward. So people were like, oh, you're coming off two losses. I'm like, yeah, I'm not worried about. I'm a veteran in this game.

MEGAN OLIVI: Royal's not worried either.

CUB SWANSON: Yeah, yeah. So I trained really hard at a full camp. And I'm so excited to go out there and do my thing.

MEGAN OLIVI: Your training partner, TJ Dillashaw, is defending his belt in the main event. You guys train at The Treigning Lab with very talented athletes. How much does it help having multiple people on the team being on the same card with you?

- We just pushed each other every day. And he rolled right from his last fight into this one. And he looks better than ever. I was super impressed with how good he's done. And I was able to rise to the occasion and be right there with him. So it was motivating, and we're both ready to shine.

- We're looking forward to seeing you both in the Octagon. This one is born to be a star.