Dillon Danis says Jon Jones is ‘scared’ of a grappling match with him

Dillon Danis might just be the most outspoken Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappler in the sport today and that’s why he has no problem calling out anybody to test themselves on the mat with him including pound-for-pound great Jon “Bones” Jones.

Danis, who headlines Submission Underground 3 on Sunday on FloGrappling.com, has taken several shots at Jones via Twitter recently trying to goad the former UFC light heavyweight champion into a grappling match with him.

Jones headlined the last Submission Underground event with a win over Dan Henderson and immediately mentioned his intention to take another match in the near future.

Danis hoped he could lure Jones into a match but after calling out him out numerous times he’s beginning to believe that the multi-time UFC champion is just scared to face him.

“Honestly I don’t want to keep talking about him because he’s scared and he’s running,” Danis told FOX Sports on the Fight Society podcast. “So I’m just going to leave him alone. I feel like I don’t want to be a bully and I don’t want to keep picking on him so I’m just going to leave him be.

“He hasn’t answered my question why he isn’t grappling me.”

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images/Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Since a matchup with Jones didn’t materialize, Danis will now face fellow grappler A.J. Agazarm on Sunday in the main event for Submission Underground 3.

Agazarm is an experienced competition grappler, but he’s engaged in more than a few feuds with notable Brazilian jiu-jitsu champions including former UFC contender Jake Shields as well as noted submission specialist Gary Tonon.

While Agazarm’s antics have gotten under the skin of several past opponents, Danis welcomes that kind of attitude going into their match on Sunday night. No matter what Agazarm says ahead of the match, Danis promises to silence him once the step on the mat together.

“I like that stuff. I like when someone gets in my face. I like when someone comes after me. It makes it into a fight and that’s what I look forward to. If that what he does, it’s going to make me more aggressive and more happy. I like being in a dog fight. I like aggression and talking (expletive). I live for that stuff. If he wants to do that stuff, that’s fine with me. I enjoy it,” Danis said.

“I feel like I’m going to submit him in under six minutes, but he is a good staller. It might be a little tricky because that’s what he’s made his career off of, stalling people and stalling the fight. It might be a little tricky but I’m prepared for anything. When I say I’m going to go out there and do something, I do it.”

As far as the future goes, Danis has already started pursuing his next career in mixed martial arts and plans to make that move as soon as a promotion offers him a viable contract that makes sense for him financially.

Danis is close friends with UFC champion Conor McGregor so he certainly understands the business side of fighting and even plans on training with the prolific Irishman and his team ahead of his MMA debut.

Once Danis finally makes that transition, he promises that the MMA world will never be the same again because he’s going to introduce a style of brash attitude mixed with his Brazilian jiu-jitsu background that’s never been seen before and may never be seen again.

“I’ve been saying this since day one, there’s no one like me. There’s no jiu-jitsu guy that talks and competes well and goes out there and takes people out,” Danis said. “That’s why I keep saying when I get into MMA, I might change the game and I feel like I will. I’m starting to do it in jiu-jitsu. I’ve always been this way, even before what happened with Conor. I’ve always been myself.

“One day in MMA, I’m going to change everything people could see from a jiu-jitsu fighter.”