Chas Skelly pulls off ridiculously fast submission to finish Maximo Blanco

Chas Skelly isn’t getting paid by the hour and he proved that with a 19-second submission victory over Maximo Blanco on Saturday night.

Skelly was facing a notoriously fast starter in Blanco, so he decided to counter the attack by blazing out of the gate with a flying kick aimed at blasting the Venezuelan in the first exchange of the fight.

Skelly’s kick ended up landing in the chest with Blanco landing a shot of his own before both fighters ended up on the ground in a rapid fire scramble.

"My plan was to drop kick him so I guess I’m not that athletic so I had to go with the Hulk Hogan one-footer," Skelly joked after the fight.

Skelly wasted no time transitioning to the neck where he saw an opening for a D’arce choke, which he locked up right away as Blanco tried to wiggle free.

Skelly continued to roll with his opponent and Blanco’s grimace transformed into unconsciousness a moment later as the referee swooped into stop the fight.

The stoppage came at just 19-seconds into the first round — a new record as the fastest submission all-time in the UFC featherweight division.

Following the fight, Skelly immediately called for a rematch with Darren Elkins, who handed him a loss back in March, which put an end to his previous four fight win streak.

"In my last fight I wasn’t prepared against Darren Elkins. I want that fight back," Skelly said. "I’m a better competitor than that and I want that fight back.”