Jewell Loyd loves coming up with innovative trick shots

BY foxsports • September 8, 2016

NEW YORK (AP) Jewell Loyd has always loved coming up with innovative trick shots.

Whether shooting from behind the backboard or through her legs from halfcourt, the Seattle Storm's young star has become an internet sensation with her imaginative creations. It started in college at Notre Dame against a friend and grew from there.

''We'd always shoot it off the wall after a tough workout,'' Loyd said. ''Basketball to me is about having fun. Shooting halfcourt shots or trick shots just gets me loose.''

Loyd also admitted it was a way for her to come out on top against her brother when the two were younger.

''We'd play horse and it would be my best chance to win,'' she said laughing.

The 22-year-old admits she's a little too young to remember seeing the famous McDonalds commercial that pitted Larry Bird against Michael Jordan, making their own crazy shots for a Big Mac. However, she said she has caught it a few times on the net, which has inspired her. She wouldn't mind doing a remake of it with another WNBA star.

She's inspired Liberty guard Sugar Rodgers, who spends a few minutes after practice trying to perfect her own trick shots .

The only rule that Loyd has is that if she can't make the shot in 10 tries, she'll stop and try something different.

One of her favorite shots was throwing the ball from about 15 rows deep behind the backboad and having it bounce off a trampoline and into the basket. She had a little help from the Storm crew for that one. It only took one take.

Loyd hasn't needed too many tricks on the court this season as she's made great strides in her second year. The reigning rookie of the year is averaging 17 points and 3.4 assists this season.

''I definitely am feeling more comfortable out there this year,'' Loyd said.

She has helped Seattle stay in the playoff chase. The Storm are currently seventh in the standings after routing the New York Liberty 102-78 on Wednesday night.