12 Days of Tennis: New Year's resolutions

BY foxsports • January 3, 2009

Welcome to the 12 Days of Tennis. Each day between Dec. 21 and Jan. 1, FOXSports.com tennis personalities Matt Cronin, Zack Pierce and Brian Webber will tackle a new topic from the year in our sport. The best part? You get to use the comments section to tell us how nuts we are. Kick back, relax, grab the egg nog and check back each day for the latest installment.

On the twelfth day of tennis, we ask...

What's your New Year's resolution? As the 12 Days of Tennis comes to a close, we each offer up one New Year's resolution for 2009. Check out our responses and resolve to set us straight below.

12 Days of Tennis

We broke down all the highs and lows of 2008 in The 12 Days of Tennis. Miss anything? Get caught up:

More off-the-court harmony in the tennis world. Perhaps we've gotten caught up in the holiday spirit, but is it too much to ask for the corporate leaders of tennis to just get along?

There were far too many tennis headlines in 2008 that seemed better suited for the business section of the newspaper than the sports page. Event organizers in Hamburg, Germany unsuccessfully sued the ATP to preserve their status as a Masters Series Event. The endless debate over whether the current Davis Cup format makes sense raged on. There have been rumblings of a player boycott of the WTA Tour over scheduling commitments.

Tennis has always faced business challenges because there are so many different stakeholders. However, the sport continues to expand its global appeal and entertain millions of fans each year. Let's hope 2009 brings more sanity and civility. It's much more fun to talk about stories on the court than matters arising from a court room.

For Rafael Nadal to flatten out his forehand more on hardcourts (or else he'll never win a hard-court Slam) and for Ana Ivanovic to employ her deep-thinking brain on-court like she does off the court.

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