We've now seen everything as OT coin toss in Arizona doesn't flip

BY Sid Saraf • January 16, 2016

Wait ... whaaaaa?

Just in case you've been hanging out with Matt Damon on Mars, Saturday's NFC divisional-round playoff game between the Green Packers and Arizona Cardinals turned into quite the doozy. There was a deflected Carson Palmer pass that went for a go-ahead Cardinals touchdown, an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary -- that came after No. 12 converted a fourth-and-20 -- and then the impossible happened.

With the game heading into overtime, team captains came out to midfield for the coin toss. And when referee Clete Blakeman tried to flip the coin in the air, it didn't actually flip.

Huh? Yes, check it out:

Credit to the Packers for immediately jumping on that and screaming that it didn't flip. Blakeman acknowledged it and picked up the coin and tossed it again. The Cardinals, however, won the toss and got the ball.

And then won the game on two big plays from Larry Fitzgerald.

And Twitter exploded.

The NFL. What a spectacle.

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