OKC tattoo artist offers free Thunder tattoos

OKC tattoo artist offers free Thunder tattoos

Published Jun. 10, 2012 7:05 p.m. ET

NBA fans love to get under the skin of opposing players. Oklahoma City Thunder fans are taking a different approach as the NBA Finals near.

An Oklahoma City tattoo artist offered free Thunder logo tattoos to willing fans this past Friday, according to TV station KWTV/News9.com. Soon, a stream of customers were getting inked up.

"[I wanted to] see who the diehard fans are," Tornado Tattoo owner Josh Poindexter told News 9. "You know how crazy OU and OSU fans are. This is both of them combined, so it's going to be a rough crowd."

Well, at least an enthusiastic crowd. Brian Fuller was the first fan to get his Thunder tattoo when the promotion began at noon.

"You couldn't get me here fast enough," Fuller told News 9, who had his Thunder logo applied to his right calf. "[I was] born and bred [in Oklahoma], so might as well get something I'm going to die with."

About six or seven fans got the free tattoos Friday. Fans who missed out on the promotion can still get the Thunder tattoos for about $100.

Each tattoo took about an hour to apply. Of course, they stay on the skin a lot longer.

Just ask the people walking around Seattle wearing Sonics tattoos.

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