Jimbo Fisher Blames ESPN and SEC For Negative Media Attention

Jimbo Fisher Blames ESPN and SEC For Negative Media Attention

Published Oct. 28, 2014 10:59 a.m. ET

Every week Jimbo Fisher is losing it a bit more. First, he defended his star quarterback from rape accusations by saying there was no victim here. After the Notre Dame win, Jimbo delivered a post-game jeremiad that insisted his team was founded on honesty and integrity. The answer has since become an Internet meme because of its absurdity to everyone who isn't a Florida State fan.

Then Jimbo flipped out on reporters when his reputation was questioned last week. Also last week Jimbo defended his star running back, Karlos Williams, who is presently the subject of simultaneous investigations for both domestic assault of his eight month pregnant girlfriend and robbing a former Marine. Asked this past Friday about a potential suspension for Williams, Jimbo responded, "It's funny how, that guy, who's a tremendous kid, I don't even know where that would come from. It kind of caught me off guard, like, 'Whoa'...Karlos has been wonderful." Yes, wonderful. Except for, you know, potentially beating his pregnant girlfriend and robbing a Marine.

When a liar gets caught in his lies, he often attempts to deflect attention by arguing that the real motive here is something more sinister, that someone else is to blame. Sure, FSU could have a rapist thief handing off to a wife-beating robber on Thursday night, but the real story here is something else -- it's ESPN and the SEC. 

Last week Jimbo was asked why he thought his team was receiving so much negative national media attention. And he said, "First, ESPN has the money in the SEC."


Good Lord.

Jimbo really said that. The video aired last night on WABM, a local Birmingham, Alabama station, and was sent to Outkick. You can watch the entire show here.

Jimbo Fisher is basically wearing a tinfoil hat now.

Yes, Jimbo, ESPN's relationship with the SEC is the reason your quarterback was investigated for rape. ESPN's the reason your quarterback stole crab legs and walked out of Publix. ESPN's the reason your running back may have beaten his pregnant girlfriend. ESPN's the reason your running back may have robbed a Marine. I can't believe ESPN has so much mind control over your player's actions.  

That's downright terrifying.

ESPN hates Florida State so much that the network paid FSU twenty million dollars last year to air its football and basketball games. ESPN hates FSU so much that it broadcast live from campus last week. ESPN hates FSU so much that what exactly? How can you even tie this conspiracy together? I'm all for conspiracies existing -- such as the conspiracy that FSU enacted to keep Jameis Winston eligible -- but ESPN has to gain something here. People don't conspire for no reasons. So let's try to be as dumb as Jimbo and all put our tinfoil hats on together and think of a motive. In Jimbo's twisted mind ESPN has conspired to make FSU players commit crimes and then covered them on its airways more than it otherwise would have because this story benefits the SEC? How? This makes zero sense.

Do you remember the way ESPN covered SEC players like Johnny Manziel and Cam Newton? Neither one of these guys were investigated for any kind of criminal wrongdoing. Yet both of these guys got covered like they were members of Al Capone's gang. Cam probably got paid to play football by Auburn. Johnny Manziel overslept for the Manning passing academy, probably got paid for signing autographs, and made the money sign after a touchdown. Compared to them Jameis Winston and FSU have gotten off easy. 

ESPN doesn't benefit by FSU losing or winning. Neither does the SEC. Newsflash, ESPN's going to make a ton of money on the college football playoff no matter who plays in it. ESPN's also going to make a ton of money on the SEC Network no matter what happens going forward. The SEC Network distribution is already taken care of, the network is minting money, both ESPN and the SEC are swimming in cash already. Nothing that can happen with FSU changes any of that that.

ESPN and the SEC don't care whether FSU wins games, their checks aren't bouncing regardless. The only people who could even think that are lying idiots like Jimbo Fisher and his stupid minions on #fsutwitter. Jimbo's gone down the conspiracy rabbit hole and FSU's idiot fan base has followed right behind him. The only other group of people who can't see how dumb this makes them all look are the Tallahassee police department. The Florida State Seminoles are a perfect example of what happens when a city, a school, and a fan base all lose their moral compass over a football team.