Game Week!

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 2:09 p.m. EST

It's game week in college football - and there are some really exciting match ups this week: 

-Alabama-Virginia Tech


-Mississippi State-Oklahoma State



You get the idea. 

But there are two games we're really looking forward to this week: Thursday's "Battle of the Brothers:" Utah State @ Utah, 8p ET on FOX Sports 1. AKA the first college football game in FS 1 history! 

Second, the Boise State-Washington tilt, 10p ET on Saturday night. The Gus Effect will be in full swing for that one as Gus Johnson and Charles Davis have the call. 


Dance off! Who has the fresher moves? 


Or Arizona:

We give the edge to the Wildcats - but only because head coach Rich Rodriguez broke it down at the 3 minute mark. 


Finally, we mentioned the Utah-Utah State rivalry is called the "Battle of the Brothers." 

But there are several famous fathers who have sons playing college football this season. 

Here are the top 5 sons FFD is keeping an eye on:

-Corey Robinson, Notre Dame (David Robinson's son)

-Trey Griffey, WR Arizona (Ken Griffey Jr's son)

-Nick Montana, QB Tulane (Joe Montana's son)

-Barry Sanders Jr, RB Stanford 

-Jerry Rice Jr, WR UNLV