Alabama fans hold burglars at gun point until cops come

BY foxsports • December 16, 2014

Alabama fans never disappoint. And not just because they wear Alabama gear 365 days a year. What happens when your home gets broken into? You call the police, right? Not if you're a Bama fan. You call your family -- already clad in Bama gear and carrying their handguns -- and they descend on your home where they subsequently catch the thiefs after the idiot robbers get lost on the backwoods roads where you live.

I'm attaching two videos here. The first one is when the wife finds out they caught the burglars while the local Fox affiliate is interviewing her. How scared is this Fox reporter that a gunfight is about to break out? You can almost see him calculating the peril. 1. On the positive side a lot of people are going to watch this 2. On the negative side I might get killed covering a double wide burglary in Warrior, Alabama.  

The second video is my favorite though because after wearing Bama gear yesterday when he was robbed, the Bama dad wears double Bama gear in the day after interview too. 

Message: I'm here if you need me Nick Saban. 

By the way, the girl with the pink gun and the camo jacket -- you tried to zoom in on her picture too didn't you, you pervert? This is like every gun nut's wet dream -- a hot chick holding a pink gun pointed at a bad guy. I guarantee you this Bama fan is on the cover of Guns and Ammo in a Bama bikini holding her pink gun within two months. Outkick is about to make her famous. 


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