Penguins rock wiffle ball on ice

BY foxsports • October 1, 2013

The Pittsburgh Penguins just upped the ante on wiffle ball.

The Pirates are in the playoffs (in case you missed it, they actually won a playoff game Tuesday night) and baseball fever is taking over the city. So on the morning of the first day of the NHL regular season, the Pens showed some love for their city’s baseball after practice at the CONSOL Energy Center (the Penguins did not play Tuesday).

And they found the most creative — and most hockey — way to do it.

Yes, those are spray-painted bases, batter’s boxes and a pitcher’s mound.

“[Playing baseball on ice] doesn’t feel anything like it feels on grass,” Sidney Crosby said. “No slides, number one, and it’s pretty tough to play whiffle ball on the ice. I’ve never really done that before.”

Although Crosby’s team defeated Evgeni Malkin‘s team 3-0 in the creative hybrid game, the Pens captain said they were all on the same team when it came to watching the Pirates take on the Reds that night.

“I think we have a few guys going [to the Pirates game]. The rest of us will be watching it. I’ll definitely be watching, but from what I’ve heard, a lot of guys will be tuning in.”

Of course, that’s not as cool as this. Don’t worry, the umps eventually called it an out.

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