Detroit's Petr Mrazek uses the paddle to rob John Tavares of a goal

February 22, 2017

There may be no goalie in the NHL with more ridiculous highlight reel saves than Petr Mrazek recently. He added another one to that list on Tuesday night.

During the second period of the Red Wings' game against the Islanders in Detroit, Mrazek used the paddle of his stick to deny Isles captain John Tavares in fantastic fashion. It looked like Tavares was going to score after stick handling around the Wings goalie but a spectacular recovery allowed Mrazek to get his lumber down just in time to turn away the shot.

We can add that gem to the pile of impressive saves that the 25-year-old netminder has made just this week, including this one and this one. He also had what might be the best save of the year back in December.

But for every Ying there is a Yang, and while Mrazek is quite good at taking away goals, he also has to work on not giving them away.