Road race between Ferrari and Nissan GT-R ends badly

BY Samuel Reiman • February 9, 2015

If you have enough money to buy a Ferrari or a Nissan GT-R, paying $50 to go to an autocross or $500 for a track day shouldn’t really break you.

Taking your aforementioned sports car out onto a public highway and driving recklessly, however, could cost you a bit more.

The drivers of these two cars – a Nissan GT-R and a Ferrari 458 Spider – found that out on the hard way, as the Ferrari cuts across several lanes, causing the Nissan to swerve, lose control, and take out a nearby vehicle.

Since this video, as of Monday, Feb. 9, has 2.3 million views, we’re fairly certain the story doesn’t end well for the Ferrari driver either, as his plate is easily readable in the video.

The incident took place last June in Taiwan, with the video being uploaded to YouTube by Car_Slides on Feb. 3.

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