Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with 666 VIN is a devilish temptation

BY foxsports • July 29, 2015

When it comes to collector cars, the Devil is in the details.

The Alabama-based owner of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with a VIN number that ends in "666" has listed the car for sale on Craigslist, pitching it as a surefire investment.

The 707-horsepower muscle car appears to be in delivery condition, and has just five miles on the odometer. It's listed for $89,000, which marks a large premium over the $62,380 price Dodge sells similarly-equipped Hellcats for - or did.

The automaker recently announced that it was sold out of 2015 Challenger and Charger Hellcats, and canceling outstanding orders for the high-demand models, helping to drive big markups for cars still on dealer lots that have pushed the asking prices for some of them over $100,000. Dodge plans on doubling production of the two cars next year to better meet demand.

A Dodge spokesperson tells that the "666" VIN is "purely coincidental," and wasn't intentionally issued to the car.

At least not by the company.

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