Donovan considering playing on loan

Published Nov. 18, 2010 2:43 p.m. ET

The Los Angeles Galaxy's Landon Donovan will consider over the next few weeks whether to play overseas on loan.

If he decides on it, Donovan said, he most likely would return to Everton in England's Premier League.

Donovan spent 10 weeks on loan with Everton earlier this year. He finished with two goals and three assists in 13 games, including wins over Manchester United and Chelsea.

"My plan is to rest over the next few weeks and get in a mental place where I can make a proper decision," said Donovan, who played in 30 of the past 33 months, including all four of the United States' games during the World Cup.

"If you ask me today, I would say 'no' because my body is exhausted. If you ask me in two months, I would probably say 'yeah' because I'm excited again."

When asked if there was only one place he would play on loan, Donovan replied with a smile, "I would say so, yeah."

The four-year contract Donovan signed in December allows him to play on loan overseas.


Donovan, 28, said he will take his age into consideration when making his decision.

"I realize I have only so many more years to play and to have a real opportunity to do this," he said.

Donovan added that he will balance his desire to play overseas with the increasing demands soccer players face.

"FIFA seems like they're always trying to add games, tournaments and competitions," Donovan said. "The way the game is now, it's part of what we deal with. You hope that you don't break down physically during the year and that you can play as much as you can. I've been fortunate to be relatively healthy."

Donovan also has played in Germany. In 2009, he scored four goals in 11 games with Bayern Munich, and played between 1999-2001 and 2004 in Bayer Leverkusen's system.

Donovan led Major League Soccer with a career-high 16 assists this season as the Galaxy won the Supporters' Shield for finishing with the best overall record. The Galaxy lost in the Western Conference final to FC Dallas on Sunday night.