Sweden scores a classy goal to take a 1-0 lead on Germany

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What a start for Sweden. Sponsored by adidas.

ANNOUNCER 1: This World Cup, he had a dislocated kneecap before the European championship. In for Toivonen. Toivonen trying to get there, he got a chip on it. Sweden scored.


Ola Toivonen.


Three quarters, German possession. Almost 200 more passes through 30 minutes, but it's Sweden who have taken the lead. And as it stands, Germany are out of the World Cup.

ANNOUNCER 2: And take a look at where this play starts, John. Right in the middle of the field. Toni Kroos trying to make a pass to Gundogan. They lose the ball and Sweden pounced. And what a counterattack it is. Here it is. Toni Kroos taking a chance in the middle of the field. They get the ball wide, and look at the run now. Off the shoulder of Toni Kroos.

He doesn't get back defensively. The first touch sets him up. Manuel Neuer comes off his line, but how about the finish? That is classy. For Toivonen, off the chest. Rudiger can't get there. And it actually takes the slightest of deflections off of his shin that carries it up and over Manuel Neuer and nestles into the back of that net.