Watch Gareth Bale score one of the greatest goals ever on an unbelievable bicycle kick | UEFA Champions League Final

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Gareth Bale came off the bench and wasted no time by delivering an amazing goal to give Real Madrid the 2-1 lead.

NARRATOR: Casemiro, and his fellow Brazilian, Marcelo. Right foot across from him. Bale, trying it all! Are you serious? Gareth Bale, just on the pitch! One of the best goals you'll ever see in a Champions League final has given Real Madrid the lead once again.

NARRATOR 2: Outrageous! This is absolutely spectacular from Gareth Bale. One of the best goals you will ever see on any stage. And he has produced a moment of sheer brilliance in a Champions League final for Real Madrid. The crosses behind him from Marcelo with the right foot. Are you kidding me? Gareth Bale, take a bow. Picture perfect.

Standing ovation for Gareth Bale, as it just nestles into the back of Karius's net. And Zidane--

NARRATOR: That's the same reaction he had.

NARRATOR 2: --the same reaction from Ronaldo's goal.

NARRATOR: Better or worse than Ronaldo?

NARRATOR 2: My goodness. I'm not even going to compare them. I'm just going to enjoy it.