Sporting Kansas City vs. Seattle Sounders | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Sporting Kansas City and Seattle Sounders.

COMMENTATOR 1: --puts an end after the Western Conference. Seems strange to say it, but this is top against bottom.

It's the rave green at the Seattle Sounders going from left to right in England. Nice buildup there by Sporting Kansas City. Salloi has the better of Torres, and Shelton really should have scored.

COMMENTATOR 2: It's a point in franchise in turning it into a top five franchise in that respective sport.

COMMENTATOR 1: There goes Russell again. Down he goes. Is it a penalty? It is. Drew Fisher pointing to the spot, and Johnny Russell is in action again.

COMMENTATOR 2: Or not. It was a penalty. Watch the reaction from Nouhou. Johnny Russell gets him to come in late, 100% unequivocally a penalty, and this is what Johnny Russell has done for Sporting Kansas City-- get him isolated 1-v-1. He's not scared to take on anybody, as we saw from his goal last week in LA.

COMMENTATOR 1: He got up from the spot just a few weeks ago.

COMMENTATOR 2: Keep an eye on him going right down the middle here.

COMMENTATOR 1: Ilie, up and above.

COMMENTATOR 2: Direct, and get after it.

COMMENTATOR 1: Pretty much down the middle, wasn't it?

COMMENTATOR 2: [INAUDIBLE] showed Torres for a ball floated back post.

COMMENTATOR 1: Lodeiro to set the table. Oh, and he's back off the ball. Will Bruin from inside the 6-yard box.

COMMENTATOR 2: On a platter for Will Bruin. Once it's 6 yards out-- hits the bar, but you've got to stay alive. Ball's in play.

COMMENTATOR 1: And it just will not break for Seattle. Another chance. Oh, and now it has, and Will Bruin at the second time of asking, finally, finally the first goal of the year arrives.

COMMENTATOR 2: Look at Will Bruin look at Jimmy Medranda. He gets caught ball watching. Will Bruin gets a shot at redemption. Seattle ties this game and a great fini--

--times knew who gives him headaches. That's part of being a young player.

COMMENTATOR 1: Zusi's delivery, meanwhile.

COMMENTATOR 2: But Nouhou's got the athletic ability to be a real good right left back. Great save there.

COMMENTATOR 1: Medranda-- Lodeiro popping up, and Bwana trying to take over. Asking for a handball.

COMMENTATOR 2: That was a handball.

COMMENTATOR 1: They were all asking for it.

COMMENTATOR 2: Look. The assistant referee on that near side put up his flag.

Quite honestly, from action, this was the right move, because Jimmy Medranda, as he slides, this ball hits him in the midsection, then comes and hits him in the right arm.

COMMENTATOR 1: And that far away from his body, was it? Let's see what Drew Fisher does.

COMMENTATOR 2: He didn't look at it that long, though.

COMMENTATOR 1: Nope. Here comes the decision. And he's changed it. No penalty.

COMMENTATOR 2: Going for it. But I think if you get to 1-1 and it's the 83rd, 84th, 85th minute, at least got to take a point away from this.

COMMENTATOR 1: Well, here's Bruin inside the penalty area. Help arriving-- Cristian Roldan.

COMMENTATOR 2: What a goal.

COMMENTATOR 1: As sweet as you like. A clinical counterattack from the Seattle Sounders, and Cristian Roldan burying it. Deadly finish.

COMMENTATOR 2: He's more direct than Nicolas Lodeiro in that spot. Perfect technique. My word-- Ozzie Alonso comes in, and all three of them have come through, what-- the hold up play of Will Bruin.

COMMENTATOR 1: Meanwhile, here's Zusi, certainly alive at the other end. Zusi-- he goes all the way. Graham Zusi out of the blue. Sporting Kansas City back in business.

COMMENTATOR 2: Sporting Kansas City ties it up 2-2. Look at this. He gives up right here. [INAUDIBLE] is livid, and--

COMMENTATOR 1: And Drew Fisher of the [INAUDIBLE] That will do it. The final whistle sounds. In the end, all is even-- a game that swung one way and then the other.