90′ in 90″ Mexico vs. Croatia | 2018 International Friendly Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action between the Mexico and Croatia in just 90 seconds.

JORGE PEREZ: El Tri-- it's working to define the group of 23 players that will represent their nation in the big tournament. Makes a mistake and there goes Rakitic. He has partners on both sides. To the right, Kramaric to the left! Oh, my!

RODOLFO LANDEROS: Yes. A slight injury in his right ankle.

JORGE PEREZ: Here comes Strinic on the left. Side shot!

MARIANO TRUJILLO: The Santos player. It looks like it's his left knee. It doesn't look good.

JORGE PEREZ: Long ball. With the left! Oh, my! It was the first big opportunity for the bomber.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: What a ball by Moreno between two defenders. Nice control by Carlos Vela. Vrsaljko.

RODOLFO LANDEROS: I think he came make it.

JORGE PEREZ: That's a foul. That's a foul, and it's a penalty kick!

MARIANO TRUJILLO: Oh. I mean, that's a clear PK, Jorge.

JORGE PEREZ: And it wasn't a hook, it was literally a kick.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: It was a kick.

JORGE PEREZ: Here comes the shot!


Scored by Rakitic.

RODOLFO LANDEROS: The last substitution for Mexico-- in goes Edson Alvarez. The FIFA virus once again.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: There were some players that had good performances today. Not a good performance as a team.

JORGE PEREZ: This is over!