Kenny Saief makes promising first start for USMNT

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Kenny Saief is happy with team's spirit and performance against Paraguay.

- Well, Kenny, in just your second cap and third trip to the United States, you're a big part of this win tonight. And Coach Sarachan talked about your comfort, your decision-making, and your rhythm, but how comfortable did you feel in the mix tonight?

- Well, I felt quite comfortable, yeah. We did well as a team. This is the most important-- we won the game. Great team spirit. And yeah. A lot of young guys worked hard together, showed their quality, yeah. And I'm happy we took the-- yeah, we took the win, so--

- There are so many young guys, new faces, but you really could sense that the team was enjoying themselves out there. What do you still need to do to make sure you stay in the mix?

- We are fantastic. Just to keep our feet on the ground from the young guys. We still have a lot of hard work to do. And yeah, like I said, a lot of quality in this team, a lot of young guys. I see a big future from each one of them. And hopefully we can keep the hard work and to see them-- to see each other again in the second camp. So yeah.

- Thank you. Thank you, Kenny. It's great to catch up. Appreciate your time.

- Thank you very much. Thank you.

- Thank you.