90′ in 90″ Liverpool vs. FC Porto | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of the second leg between Liverpool and Porto in just 90 seconds.

- This is a very important game, I would say, for Liverpool because this is in front of your fans the first time since that 2008-2009 season of having a knockout stage at home. Yan holds it up. Gomez whips it towards the six yard box, spirit over the top. First good chance of the game comes to Mane. Good build up and a beautifully whipped in ball from the right side. Deep in the Porto third of the field, Mane to make it one shot off the post. That ricochets across the face of goal. Firmino was there.

Liverpool on the attack, shooting opportunities. Screwed off the outside of the right foot of Milner, goes wide. But a good attack there.

And look at Milner, once again coming in late, nobody picking him up. And Milner knows that that has to be-- that should have been a goal.

Liverpool and Porto, 0-0. Firmino now, for the moment and behind. Still Firmino, shot is blocked. Back to that in a minute because here's Salah again now. Just sit down, flips it into the box. The header, directed right at Casillas. But it is a pinpoint piece of delivering from Salah to Milner. There's Salah again, nice looking ball. It's a safe trip Casillas. Salah with the pinpoint delivery. Cassillas, a legend that still beats coming up with the save here on Danny Ings. And that does it. Liverpool will advance to the quarterfinals over Porto, 5-0 on aggregate. This one ends 0-0.