West Bromwich Albion vs. Southampton | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between West Brom and Southampton.

- Two minutes left of action and not much going on at this moment in time. West Brom face Southampton early on. It wasn't a great week for West Brom. It didn't end well.

- Look, you leave a big man all alone here. Doesn't have to use anything but the side of his foot. Just pass it in. Thank you very much.

- Not a bad goal.

- Former lascio man scoring his first goal.

- And it's something that a [INAUDIBLE] would work on as a coach, And then they get called out again pushing forward. Which I think should add a wonderful little touch first and foremost, and then a little dink.

Yeah, he is a class player. He's got that little bit of class about him. He does need a bit of confidence and maybe better players around him, but he's a good player. Yeah, he needs to keep him playing and being fit, but he got a chance to supply a little bit. If they cut him, you got to enjoy.

- It was his first competitive goal in 2018. West Brom did put a goal back two minutes later, thanks to Rondon.

- Feast your eyes on this. It is like a fine red wine. Vino tinto in the back of the net, the Venezuelan. Look at this. Out of the air, left foot volley.

- And he's got his sock down as well.

- Deserves replay after replay. Socks up, socks down, socks on, doesn't matter.

- Two goals in his last three games for the Venezuelan. It got a little interesting as West Brom put on the pressure.

- We now that they got very, very good delivery. Excellent save. McCarthy just pushing it away. Very, very good goalkeeping. Anticipated well. Didn't really try to gamble there.

- And at 81st minute.

- Look at this mess--

- It isn't even closer.

- at this mess. Back and forth opportunities. It is going to fall to Rondon here, off the crossbar. The bounce in the back--

- It's in.


- Look at this. The one thing that he could do, bounce this thing into the far corner. Uh.

- West Brom blew it--