Huddersfield Town vs. Manchester United | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch highlights between Huddersfield Town and Manchester United.

GARY TAPHOUSE: Oh, let's look back at the key moments from this Emirates FA Cup fifth round tie. Gary Taphouse and Tony Dorigo talking you through the action, and I'll let Tony talk through the opening goal.

TONY DORIGO: Pretty much brilliant play from Romelu Lukaku, got the ball back off Juan Mata. And from then on just pace, power, precision and composure in the box from the Belgian international was absolutely superb. And at this point, it was all Huddersfield, but once Lukaku laid it off, the pass was perfection as well-- into the path Lukaku. And, yes, Schindler could have been stronger, that was no doubt. But even so, it really is a composed, brilliant finish.

GARY TAPHOUSE: Two minutes, 37 seconds on the clock. Lukaku buries his 20th goal of the season. Truly deflating moment for Huddersfield, who started with real purpose and intent.

And from there on, they dominated the half. There was a handball appeal here against Chris Smalling from Billing's throw. But they carried on attacking here. Ince picking the ball up, and there's space on the left side for van La Parra. And United were penned in as Huddersfield went searching for an immediate equalizer. Billing eventually played it through to Ince, who was onside, but couldn't finish.

TONY DORIGO: It was a superb ball, wasn't it, from Billing. Tom Ince, I'm not sure whether he was going for goal or trying pass it across. But as you can see, as it comes back out, it's an early pass and its Luke Shaw, at the top of the picture, that plays them on. Chance goes begging for Huddersfield. And here was the penalty shout-- worth a shout, there's no doubt. But it does deflect straight under Chris Smalling's arm. He doesn't make any attempt to go towards the ball, no penalty.

GARY TAPHOUSE: But still they press forward. Hadergjonaj looking for Ince, and that was perhaps their best chance of the whole game.

TONY DORIGO: Yes, it was, because Hadergjonaj, on the right-hand side, was superb, played more of a right winger than a right back. It's a delicious ball in, but Tom Ince can't quite put enough on it.

GARY TAPHOUSE: Well, then the moment of controversy at the end of the half. Ashley Young getting away down the right side, playing it Juan Mata. Arms in the air, appealing for offside. Mata found the net. Initially, the goal was given, but, of course, it was looked at by the VAR, Neil Swarbrick, and thanks to this angle, the goal was ruled out.

TONY DORIGO: And they were judged that that's when the pass was released from Ashley Young, and so he's offside.

GARY TAPHOUSE: Very, very close call, which will be looked at in greater detail, I'm sure. And then from this Huddersfield corner, United broke with real pace, purpose, and power. A little one-two-- well, a big one-two between Lukaku and Alexis Sánchez. Lukaku is through and you didn't really doubt that he'd finish from there, did you? 2-0.

TONY DORIGO: Yet again it's a brilliant goal, isn't it? All started from, of course, Huddersfield attack and then the broke was on. And Alexis Sánchez just ducks inside and what about that ball-- into the path of Lukaku, does well, cuts across the Huddersfield defender. And from then on, you're not going to catch him. And it's a brilliant finish, composed yet again. He just gobbles up his second goal.

GARY TAPHOUSE: Well, Huddersfield still had one more chance, it's with the ball in. And Sabiri, who'd literally just come on as sub, headed the ball over the bar. It's Manchester United who progress to the quarterfinals.