Yeovil Town vs. Manchester United | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Yeovil Town and Manchester United.

- Take a look at the highlights from the game in this one. Alexis Sanchez, of course, making his debut for Manchester United after signing with them. And this is the pitch at Yeovil, not the best.

- Not the best, certainly, but one that Alexis Sanchez showed well on in his debut for Manchester United. Here, this one he sets up Scott McTominay who has a good stirke, and this is just finding its way into the corner. It's a wonderful save from the goalkeeper to keep that one at 0-0. And then, good old fashioned English tackle here. Welcome to Yeovil.

- You know, a lot of defenders said he actually got the ball.

- Alexis from a long way out. This one was comfortable for the goalkeeper, but he was leading at half time, Alexis Sanchez, in passes, touches, and shots for United. And he actually plays this pass to Rashford that lead to the goal.

- He was excellent all over the field. Again, defenders let the ball drift away from them, and Rashford needed that goal for his competence. Poor Tom Jones, gonna-- name in lights here. He doesn't get back quick enough, then when he realizes the ball's played in behind him, just clear your lines, then you could argue with a goalkeeper afterwards. You don't get that sort of time, and put that away. You gotta learn from your mistakes.

- Didn't have the best of days, young James, did he? And this one-- I just love how Alexis Sanchez just drags this ball inside, and creates the space out wide then for Ander Herrera who just smashes that one home with the left foot. It's a good strike, and you'll just see here-- here is James again. He gets sucked inside, two runners outside of him, late into the path. It's a well-timed pass from Alexis, yet again, and Herrera with the second.

- Yeah, standing ovation. I though he was excellent. Everything you'd expect from an experienced player. He had energy, getting on the free kicks, corners, a class act. And again, when you can bring the quality that they have to come-- and I thought they were ruthless, as Stewad rightly said. Going forward, always trying to create chances, and there's the-- he's like the FA Cup king. He likes his competition for Manchester United, Lingard. They keep on backing off, four of them around them, and he tucks it away. There just seems to be a good feeling about the club, a good mood. And whether that's Sanchez coming in, because look at the red shirts going forward again.

- And Lukaku, who initially falls over his role that makes all the way up from the back and it's a confident finish from the big man, the Belgian striker. Lukaku on the score sheet again, and just--