Manchester City score four in the second half to beat Burnley | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full FA Cup Round 3 highlights between Manchester City and Burnley.

COMMENTATOR 1: 31 home matches in all competitions. Thanks for adding that, though. Let's check out the highlights from the Etihad. It was Burnley though, who had perhaps the better of the first half.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, this one just goes flashing past. It's actually Otamendi right in the back, and Vokes. And neither of them can get it home. And then in the 25th minute, we had a massive mistake from John Stones. And Warren, you pointed out earlier, his body position here, but he just lashes at this one. And Ashley Barnes did the rest.

COMMENTATOR 3: It is a wonderful strike. But Stones's-- that concentration, how these body's shaped. You should be tucked further around to try to anticipate the mistake. He doesn't do that. Then he's always chasing and then he's off balance. But taking nothing away from the finish. It is-- and I deserved it, I think really in the first 45 minutes. I thought their style of football was compact, and when they went forward, to try and break them down. But here's a big talking point. See, he's telling them to back off there, so he can take it.

COMMENTATOR 1: The question was whether the ref was distracting the defenders and therefore that goal shouldn't have been scored.

COMMENTATOR 3: He's already asked him, here, look. Go back, back off. Can I-- and then the next look, can I take it quick? Here we go. Yeah, you can take it. And then off you go. That's where you play. That's where I've redone it many, many years ago.

COMMENTATOR 1: But is that conversation still ongoing with the referee? Does that matter?

COMMENTATOR 3: No because he-- as you would--

COMMENTATOR 2: But if the referee's asking him to push back?

COMMENTATOR 3: --but when you have the ball, when you've got the-- let's have a look at this goal, because this is brilliant as well. But when you have the ball as a free kick, you're in possession that you want the advantage there. Unless the referee stands in front of it and stops it. I think Pep enjoyed this one.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, I love this one. The run from Agüero, just to play it in between Gundagan, back to goal, just has that-- that look over his shoulder. He knows exactly where he needs to play that pass. And Man City were rampant from then on out.

COMMENTATOR 3: Play a little give and go. Good awareness. He's a real player.

COMMENTATOR 2: He took a little while to adapt to English football. Leroy Sane. And we saw what he was capable of at Schalke. And he has come into his own this season. He has been absolutely lights out. And then this is Manchester City that we've seen time after time. Kevin De Bruyne, who came off the bench, just a wonderful pass into space. Goalkeeper.

COMMENTATOR 3: [INAUDIBLE]. Good finish. They are so much fun to watch.

COMMENTATOR 1: They certainly are. And they make it look easy, don't they? 4-1, the final score. They are through to the fourth round with that result. Let's just remind ourselves of the stats, won't make for pleasant reading.

COMMENTATOR 3: Well, we knew they average 18, so they was above it today. They got 20. The possession, yeah. Burnley give it the best they can, but cream always comes to the top. They were a wonderful team.