Alexi Lalas: Toronto can become best MLS team in history by winning MLS Cup

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Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas discuss Toronto's chances of winning it all after eliminating Columbus.

ROB STONE: At the hour mark, Jozy Altidore with the seventh career playoff goal and first play off point this season. The series winner, Toronto, headed to their second straight MLS Cup, as they drop the Columbus Crew 1-0. Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley so impactful on the evening and really, all season long helping the Reds to an MLS record, 69 points in the regular season.

They won the Supporters' Shield, they won the Canadian Championship, but there's that one trophy out there, Alexi, that so far, has eluded them.

- Yeah, it's important because MLS can be cruel, and sometimes it doesn't reward success. And the reality is that in order for this to be a successful season ultimately, I'm sorry, you got to win MLS Cup. And if Toronto does that, they, in my book, will be the best MLS team in history. We know that only six times in history has the Supporter Shield winner gone on to win MLS Cup.

It's not easy, but you know what, they get to host it here. They get to learn the lessons over the last year. And they get to learn the lessons from the last time they were in MLS Cup, which was a year ago. Possibly, they're playing against Seattle. It would be it would be a wonderful night.

And for Michael Bradley, and for Jozy Altidore, who have had a very difficult year, when it comes to the US Men's National Team, they're able to compartmentalize, think about this, put all their focus here, and from their perspective, hope to celebrate and be legends, when it comes to their club with Toronto FC.

- Would it give them the ultimate status of being in Alexi Lalas' Super Club?

- For Toronto FC, you got it. You got it. When we talk about a super club, you got to have as many people that hate you as I love you, absolutely. When you talk about a super club, you got to spend a lot of money. That's-- check that one off the box. When you talk about a super club, you've got to have big name players. They do that.

So when I'm talking about a super club, the one thing that Toronto is missing is MLS Cup. You do that, and I will anoint you the newest MLS Super. Club.

- Something for them to strive for. They've won back to back Eastern Conference championship trophies. They want the big one, though. MLS Cup coming to Toronto December 9th.