The Sounders have all but booked their ticket to MLS Cup ahead of the second leg vs. Houston

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John Strong, Stu Holden and Landon Donovan preview the second leg of the Western Conference Championship.

- Well, in Toronto the celebrations continue. Toronto FC will host the MLS Cup next Saturday. The question now is, who will they face? It is going to be Houston and Seattle, the Sounders winning 2-0 at home on the first leg. You've already written off Houston on Twitter. You're a Dynamo Homer from your time playing for them.

- Never!

- How do the Dynamo pull this off?

- I think it's next to impossible, if I'm being honest. And Seattle were so good, not just in the result, but how they played in Houston. We were there last week, we watched. They were too difficult to beat.

Now, Roman Torres is out. That leaves some sliver of an opening for Houston. If they want any chance, they've got to find a way to score in the first half, otherwise I think it's over.

- And to score, you need a guy like Alberth Elis, who's missing this game through suspension, because he picked up the yellow cards. So it is a big task for the Houston Dynamo team, but having watched them this year under Wilmer Cabrera, after seeing them go into Portland to beat them to advance to the Western Conference Finals, give them some type of chance. They have to start the game well.

Columbus started well tonight against Toronto. It didn't go their way in the end because they didn't take their chances. So it's down to that. If they get an early opportunity, they can take that against Seattle. You might see that crowd start to turn, but favorites are Seattle.

- Even if they score a goal, they're not through. Even if they score two goals, they're not automatically through, and if they score two goals and still allow a goal, they're not through. So there's so much to overcome, I just think it's a mountain too tall to climb.

- So, rematch.

- The first time since 2012 there's been an MLS Cup rematch, when the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo played in back to back years. For now though, one ticket is punched. Toronto FC, your Eastern Conference champions.