France hang on to beat Belarus and book World Cup spot

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Watch full match highlights between France and Belarus.

COMMENTATOR 1: Joining them there will be France, who took care of Belarus at Stade de France today. Pick things up, 27th minute. Mr. Griezmann.

COMMENTATOR 2: That is such a great run from Griezmann. He just plays on the half turn, on the shoulder. Peels off, open up his body. Matuidi slips him in. And then what? What's that celebration?

COMMENTATOR 3: Uh, call me-- call me baby, isn't it?

COMMENTATOR 2: [LAUGHS] Something like that. And then it was Giroud who gets in on the action. Slightly lucky here, because the ball gets away from him. He takes a deflection. In, off, doesn't matter. And at that point, France were up, 2-0, and in the driver's seat. But it just got a little bit interesting.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, Belarus pulled one back right before the halftime whistle. Anton Saroka, nice little touch.

COMMENTATOR 3: And they missed a big chance in the second half as well. So it wasn't all plain sailing for France. But they did enough. They got enough quality out there to-- big sigh of relief from Didier Deschamps' point of view. And now, they can start planning for the summer.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, the '98 World Cup champs are back off to the big dance.