Ronaldo and Portugal take down Switzerland to earn World Cup berth

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Watch full match highlights between Portugal and Switzerland | 2017 UEFA World Cup Qualifying Highlights

COMMENTATOR 1: --Switzerland. The Swiss came into this game unbeaten, on top of Group B. Madonna in attendance. Her son plays in the system, youth system there at Benfica.

COMMENTATOR 2: That's a wonderful goal. It is. Chaos in the penalty area. Sommer doesn't come out, the goalkeeper. He's not brave enough. Little bit fortunate from Portugal's point of view, but the ball makes it.

And then second half, 57 minutes. Started the game well. Good interest in passing. But Switzerland's' backline-- look at Silva's movement. Gets his head up, finds the pass.

Andre Silva tucks it away at AC Milan. But the back of unit two was not organized. They get pulled apart just here, get ball watching. There's the ball. They're in behind, and they tuck it away.

COMMENTATOR 3: Yeah, and I still love-- Andre Silva had a lot to do here. He comes through traffic, gets a quick touch. He's able to just cushion it enough to put it in his path, readjust his body, and fires it home with the left foot.

COMMENTATOR 1: Final numbers in this one.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, I was surprised by the possession. I thought-- particularly the second half-- I thought Portugal dominated the game. But they've had the clear-cut chances. There was a bit of class about them, and fully deserved it. We got we've wanted, and now, they're going to Russia.