Wolverhampton just changed the game with awesome new program covers

Sam Bagnall - AMA/Getty Images

Match programs for soccer, or any sport, really, are usually pretty drab. Since people now have the internet in their hands and can look up any pertinent information on the fly, match programs have become more of a souvenir for fans looking for a memento.

The Wolverhampton Wolves have flipped the script on the fading popularity of match programs, by making each of their home editions this season bona fide collector’s items. That is, assuming each subsequent program cover is as dope as this one:

It’s a giant wolf fighting a knight! Count me in. Wolves released that sneak peek ahead of their Football League Championship clash against Reading on Saturday. If that doesn’t get you hyped for the match, I don’t know what will. (Side note: It’s a shame that Reading aren’t known as The Biscuitmen anymore, because THAT would be magical.)

“We have a break from the norm with our programme covers,” the Wolves wrote on Twitter. “Each programme will have a similar theme as Wolves progress through the season, facing 23 separate opponents along the way.” Alexander Wells will illustrate the program cover artwork.

This is what match program covers typically look like. Yawn.

Let’s take a gander at Wolves’ fixture list and see what kinds of must-have covers we might see.


Those are just a handful of the offerings the Wolves will have this season, but we can assume that pretty much all of them will be worth scoping.