Watch the incredible reaction as a non-league team draws Rennes in the Coupe de France


JA Biarritz of the French Division d'Honneur (a non-professional league that's essentially France's 6th division) made it to the round of 32 in the Coupe de France. It's a huge achievement for the tiny club, and an opportunity to play a level of competition they would never have the chance to otherwise.

The team crowded around a tiny computer screen to see the draw, and when fourth-placed Ligue 1 side Stade Rennais' names were called, everyone went NUTS.

It's beautiful to see. There's no fear, no trepidation, no “how are we gonna win this game?” Just pure, unadulterated joy. It's the perfect illustration of the spirit of the game. Even the dog is excited by the draw!

The best part? Biarritz will host Rennes, and there's no doubt the atmosphere in their stadium will be absolutely incredible. Let's just hope the dog gets to be the mascot. It's only right.