Watch two legendary keepers commit head-scratching errors

Goalkeeping is a tough job. Really, keepers are content to have their name not mentioned at all during a game broadcast, because if they are called out it’s usually for one of two things. Either they’ve come up with an amazing save or they’ve made a mess of something routine.

Unfortunately for two of the game’s all-time greats, they found themselves in the spotlight for the latter. Bayern Munich netminder Manuel Neuer isn’t beaten by the opposition very often. So it was a major surprise to see him give up this fairly soft free-kick goal to Schalke on Saturday.

Routine? Not exactly, but Neuer had it perfectly read and just totally whiffed on Naldo’s strike.

Over in the Premier League, Arsenal keeper Petr Cech might be getting a gift basket from Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas after this howler:

It doesn’t get much easier than that for Fabregas, much to Cech (and Arsenal’s) chagrin.

Neuer and Cech are both going down as legends. These errors are mere blips on their stellar résumés, but it’s important to be reminded that these guys are indeed human.