Liga MX interested in starting tournament against MLS teams

Shaun Clark/Getty Images

The United States and Mexico have a great international soccer rivalry, but it hasn't quite translated over to the club level. That's in part because of the lack of matches between MLS and Liga MX teams, but the Mexican league's president thinks that the two leagues could come together to establish a club tournament between the two countries in the near future.

“It's a possibility,” Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla said. “Mexico has wanted to do this for some years now, to have some type of tournament with the U.S. teams, but for now we will just have the CONCACAF Champions League.”

MLS and Liga MX teams used to contest the SuperLiga, which was between just teams from the two countries. The first edition was promising, but when CONCACAF established the Champions League, interest in the SuperLiga fell off. MLS and Liga MX teams simply couldn't send their best teams to both tournaments and expect the clubs to put forth their best players in both competitions.

There could be an opening to revive the SuperLiga or establish something similar with Liga MX teams now out of Copa Libertadores. Mexican clubs had been part of the prestigious South American tournament since 1998, but scheduling issues forced them out for 2017. Still, being able to set up a new tournament with the best teams from MLS and Liga MX, then give it enough weight for people to care will be difficult, and that's even if Mexican teams don't find their way back into Copa Libertadores, which they might.

Getting an MLS and Liga MX tournament is a major challenge. But they are looking into it.