Karim Benzema could face a fine for posting this exotic picture on social media

Karim Benzema’s had his fair share of trouble over the years, and now he’s back in the firing line for yet another egregious offense. This time, it’s taking a photo with an endangered animal.

Yup, it’s serious.

Benz, like most of the rest of the players in the Spanish league, went on vacation for the winter break. His chosen destination was the island of Martinique, and while there, he went to check out the Parque Natural de Martinica. Like any tourist, he made sure to get some pics for the ‘gram (or else, was he really even there?), but he landed himself in trouble for posting photos of himself holding an endangered and protected iguana.

According to French newspaper La Provence, authorities filed a formal complaint against Bugatti Benz, claiming he violated a law that prohibits the capture and deliberate disrupting of a delicate species.

Said park manager Louis Boutrin: “Benzema will always be welcome in Martinique but he must be careful, footballers are not above the law.”

Benzema is expected to be handed a fine, but the severity of his punishment is unclear at this time.

I hope the likes were worth it, Benz. I hope they were worth it.