Is this cheeky chip the nicest own goal ever scored?

Own goals are the ugliest goals in soccer because, well, you aren’t supposed to score against your own team.

But Dennis Flinta of Silkeborg IF took the own goal to a new level against FC Nordsjaelland on Friday night. He scored a beautiful chip, which would’ve been a great cheeky finish – if only he hadn’t scored for the wrong team.

Check it out:

What exactly is Flinta’s train of thought here? “Let me clear this ball toward the net and chip it while I’m at it. What could possibly go wrong?”

Granted, Silkeborg were under a lot of pressure and he needed to get the ball out as quickly as possible, but he made the exact wrong decision.

Silkeborg fans can’t be too mad at Flinta though because it didn’t really matter very much. Nordsjaelland were already up 2-0 by that point and finished with a cool 5-1 score line.

If Flinta was going to score an own goal, at least he made it pretty.