Brett Gardner fined for pace of play

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Was it fair for MLB to fine Brett Gardner?

- So Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner has been racking up fines. Now, the headline makes you feel like, ooh, how much has he been fined?


- It's actually $3,500.


- Which may-- would be like me being fined four and a half dollars at work.

- Yeah.

- But Brett Gardner is getting fined. And his agent told him about his fines. And he actually told his agent, he said, my agent started taking care of it. I told them don't talk to me about it. I've got more things to worry about than taking three seconds too long to get to the box. Somebody else can throw pick off throws to first base 27 times in a game and waste 15 minutes of everybody's time. And I get fined thousands of dollars taking three seconds too long to get into the box.

Now, we can talk about the throws over at first base in a moment. But I actually like-- and if he wasn't taking a long amount of time, baseball wouldn't fine him. But I do like baseball prodding these guys to get back into the dugout. I'm sorry, back into the batter's box.

- Batter's box. Sure.

- The thing about baseball, don't try to be different than everybody else. Every game that we watch, there is a time limit. When you call a timeout, the coach doesn't get to decide if he gets 30 minutes to go over the corrections he wants to make.

- Right.

- Baseball, just because there isn't a clock on it, doesn't mean you get to drag it out as long as you want.

- Let's put it this way: if every time Gardner left the batter's box, he did a backflip and a split, I think people would be a lot more understanding because they'd be like wow.

- I feel like he could do that, too.

- You know what? He is a pretty athletic outfielder.

- One of the few ones.

- You look at a guy and you say, OK, fixing his gloves. You know, adjusting the brim of his batter's helmet. You know, his elbow guard, getting it just so. Or his shin thing.

Like, yeah, OK. That stuff is boring. Nobody's really interested in seeing you adjust your equipment prior to getting back in the batter's box. But if he was doing something entertaining, then, yeah, it makes sense.

Truthfully, the pick off play at first, normally not entertaining. And if baseball wanted to make a rule outlawing how many times-- are ruling on how many times you're allowed per at bat you're allowed to throw it to first, they'd probably make the game more interesting because then you'd have more steals to second.


JUDSON RICHARDS: Or attempts. If Brett is suffering $3,500 in fines, I don't think anybody really cares. The problem is what it's doing to baseball. If every batter takes an extra three seconds in the batter's box per game over the course of the season, you're talking about hours of time watching guys go like this with their gloves, all right, yep, I got to do this three times, and I got to tilt my hat just so. It's boring.