Yan Gomes wants Carlos Carrasco to just be himself in Game 2

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Yan Gomes reflects on ALDS Game 1 and looks ahead to Game 2.

- I mean, we just left a couple balls there to that are missed some spots. I mean, they made an adjustment. This is a good hitting team, and when they take advantage of some pitches, they manage to pay for it.

REPORTER: Looked like you guys were pitching inside a lot. Was that the game plan against this Astros lineup?

- Well not so much trying to pitch inside a lot. Especially today, you know, we know we want to get to our off speed. And got it moving going the other way. But we were really just trying to keep them honest and then a couple of times, it would try to go away and just kind of ran back in. And maybe you know, some of the pitches we threw in kind of made them alert in there and they didn't let it go.

REPORTER: Was it really simple, it was just a couple of bad pitches? Or was there-- did you notice anything with Corey from the get go?

- No. I mean, he was pitching tremendous. I mean, he was keeping the ball down and it was really, I mean, two swings or three swings, you know, gained the momentum on their side. And hey, you got to-- when you're battling like that, you know, one, two runs is going to make a difference. And they made us pay for some.

REPORTER: You had some of the best at bats of the day against Verlander. What was he doing that was so effective against the line up today?

- You know, he felt like he was throwing a whole lot more heaters. He was just coming right at us. He lives-- I mean, he's back to throwing 95 plus. And he's living on top of the zone. We weren't-- at first, we weren't able to get that many good swings on him. We were trying to put a good [INAUDIBLE] together. But he was just getting ahead, you know? With a guy like that, when he's throwing strikes, you know, using the top of the zone, it's kind of hard to get comfortable.

REPORTER: Terry said that Carlos has been terrific since coming of the DL, terrific for the last three months. What would you like to see from Carlos tomorrow? Down on one. Would you like to see him be a little bit more aggressive in this situation?

- Like you said, he's been doing really well since he came off the DL. We like to let him just be himself. When Carlos starts rolling, he's got four plus pitches, you know, it's a whole nother ball game tomorrow. We just got to come back, you know, be aggressive like they were and just let the momentum start going on our side.