Terry Francona talks about the Tribe’s bullpen after a loss

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After Corey Kluber pitched 7 shutout innings, Terry Francona talked about what went wrong with the bullpen.

- Want to play a National League game for obvious reasons. But when he didn't get-- when the bunt's not in play any more, Trevino's a guy that I felt like our best chance to score was to let Raj run. And you know, you go ahead and in National League, and I didn't want to do it. But I thought that was our best way to win.

REPORTER: Lindor tried to take second and kind of did that swim slide. Seems like you wanted to maybe challenge it, but maybe weren't getting it--

- It was taken. Barney was trying to get as many looks at it as he could, and he just-- I think he finally got to one where he thought no, let's not do it but. But I think he was having a hard time finding the right angle.

REPORTER: What was the double switch there that brought in Josh? Just hoping for life there at that point?

- Yeah, OT threw two innings last night, and it was up to our other pitcher. So we're going to try to let JT go as far as he could. We were trying to back it up the best we could, so he didn't come up in the middle of an inning.